Irvine Financial Report


A class project to create a financial report layout for Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills, Maryland; a non-profit center focusing on providing education to protect nature. Everything was designed using the materials provided by Irvine including photos and statistics for infographics. 

First met with a representative of Irvine and took notes on the purpose of the report as well as on prior reports done in the past years. A major reason people donate to Irvine are animals so I chose to focus on an image heavy layout with pictures of animals. I looked over the information that needed to be in the report and created four spreads with that information. Due to it being fall at the time of the project, I decided to make the colors be fall-themed: red, orange, and brown.

The most challenging part was fitting all the donors into the small pamphlet which I managed by making them a small font-size and sans-serif to make readable. I felt like the report was still missing something so I added silhouettes of various animals.